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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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and david louie will have a look before the game to see if it's ready to host super bowl 50 and just ahead, security systems. >> reporter: it is a little intimidating. we're not used to gig guns around here in the bay area, but we're going to see more of them as security intensifies, beginning on wednesday. homeland security officers are now a visible presence at the sfo bart station, they're followed by k 9 teams along with officers from the transportation security administration, they makeup viper teams, aiding bay area law enforcement. they go where public will be.
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>> airports, rails, ferries, in and sarn fan fran and around the stadium. >> wednesday through monday, we expect those to be big travel days so in terms of security and service we're putting resources towards travellers. >> reporter: passengers are scanned by this black box. >> what is inside a sensor, and it senses gamma rays. >> it's a good idea. it's nice to have extra. never hurts, right? >> reporter: viper teams are on board ferries, making some passengers uncomfortable. today, they were inspecting the area around the ferry building. muni added security as the fum of passengers increases. >> we'll see officers in all of the stations and you'll see police dogs around. >> reporter: viper operatives
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were formed during the 911 commission hearing. this is the new normal, at least during super bowl week. today a temporary terminal has been opened as the primary place for private jets. a thousand private planes are expected to land in the bay area. today, sky 7 hd flew over mineta san jose international airport which can handle up to 150 jets. both broncos and panthers were off the field today. take a look at the broncos practice field today. when sky 7 hd flew over the field we spied a broncos logo painted on one end zone. and the panthers are practicing,
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spartan stadium has artificial turf. the two practice fields are natural grass so it doesn't throw off the field. teams will meet on sunday, and that is where we find abc7 news reporter david louie after taking a look inside. david? >> reporter: there is no question, this is the home of the 49ers and there is signage that knows that. but outside and inside, you can see panthers and broncos. the nfl has done an ambitious job transforming it into a perfect venue that just screams this is the pro football season's most important event. painters and trades people are working hard making levis stadium perfect. to the critical eye of staff, touch up work is always needed. >> we have decor elements we're going to have to put down.
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we're going to add paint to the field to make it perfect. the field still needs more white to be as perfect as possible. >> yes. the field. ed was out inspecting the grass, replacing what the niners played on this season. reversals for pregame and half time entertainment have taken place and it doesn't show stress or wear. the managers believe the turf will be in good condition for the game. the sod is from the same sod farm that smies the 49ers. >> it's doing great. this weather, it grows well. >> reporter: technology has been tested to make sure no one hacks into the system as they control everything from the score board to the wireless app. >> we have to make sure there is no entry point from an external network. so if we need anything like
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that, then we have a tunnel we open just for that purpose. >> reporter: both teams made requests about food. the nfl says the house is in order. today, the nfl announced lady gaga will sing the national anthem onned sunday, and we tweeted the news instantly. follow us on abc7 news for updates as they happen. a chp officer injured in a crash with the team buses is out of the hospital after being treated for minor injuries. the buses were on 101 yesterday and an suv changed lanes in front of them. three buses collided and the chp motorcycle went down. the chp says they have not found the driver and are not looking to the person because they're not sure it was a citable
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offense. at 8:15 a.m. an officer was on the way to help another police unit when the crash happened. both the officer and driver were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. in san francisco, the board of supervisors just approved a resolution to honor public service members killed in the line of duty, after the board passed a day of remembrance for mario woods last week, woods was a stabbing suspect who was shot to death by several officers last december. the police association called the resolution honoring woods inappropriate and the board acted today, saying they didn't know there was no day of remembrance for officers. >> today, a chp officer was stabbed in the neck and badly wounded in san francisco. >> wayne freedman is live with the details.
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>> reporter: we now learned he was stabbed in the neck and in the arm, and this morning past 10:00 a.m., 2 chp officers were in their car, driving along, they saw what appears to have been a homeless man here, te got out to question him and that is when the trouble started, after a few minutes of talking to them, that man, they say pulled a knife, attacked the officer and he ran off. the chase lasted some 10 minutes and police tell us the end of the chase, the suspect tried to grab an officer's gun. let's take a look at the suspect. this is the man say attacked a patrolman this morning and here is the knife, they say he used to stab the officer after a struggle. >> he was stabbed in the upper torso and neck. and a very serious, violent attack. >> the attack and investigation closed the onramp to the bay
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bridge for four hours while police looked for clues and spoke with witnesses in and around this homeless encampment behind the guardrails. no one was there when we visited this afternoon. other homeless told us they knew nothing about what happened. >> i don't know what to think. you know? when you get into messing with that, it's gone. >> police had to search for the suspect, who took off through the neighborhood, creating a tense environment. >> it was just crazy. for it to be, for a person to do that to a chp? it's crazy. >> officers took the suspect away and they did so on wheels, we do not know the man's name or condition. at san francisco general hospital, the wait for news of the wounded officer has lasted all day. >> the officer is a seven year veteran of the patrol. his injuries, right now, are, it
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was a life threatening injury but at this time he is stable. >> in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news. driver, police arrested a driver they say hit a 5-year-old child and took off. jefferson tara faces hit and run charges. police released a picture of the vehicle and found it in an alley close to where the crash happened. the child remains in the hospital but is expected to recover. san francisco could soon protect those who work in education from being evicted. it would be the first law of its kind in the country. >> at 6:30 we'll look at why some say educators deserve the priority. i'm larry beil, live at pier 39. we'll talk with three-time super bowl champion teddy brewski, grew up only a few minutes from
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here. i'm sandhya patel. the accu-weather forecast features both a winter storm, and spring-like warmth. i'll let you know what is in store for super bowl sunday, coming up. and next, health violations discovered at levis stadium as tens of thousands of football fans get ready to pack the stands. are the more to br
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playground. 200 volunteers met at this community on blossom river way to construct the playground designed by the kids who will enjoy it. it took six hours to build, the playground should be ready to go next week. >> just fantastic. let's talk super bowl. we're joined live by abc7 sports director larry beil at pier 39 where espn broadcasts today. >> reporter: yes. there was a big tent and equipment, and so it is just us left. i caught up with teddy brewski. everybody knows teddy from the university of arizona and winning super bowls but it turns out he was born right here in san francisco. >> you're more local than thief young is. >> i am, yes. i was born in the city.
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kaiser permanente is where i was born. i grew up on golden gate and go. f and went to marina middle school. >> in the middle of your career you had a stroke. came back to play for the national football league. that is insane. you must love football. >> i do. i just think five years, 10 years down the line, if i didn't, if i didn't attempt to come back it would have eaten me up. >> you known an nfl record that in my view does not get enough publicity. four interceptions, returned for touchdowns. >> i wasn't the most elusive runner, but i remember the four interceptions and they were big plays, yes. i was happy. i wasn't aware of it until my fourth one. i said to myself, i said man, i just did that again. >> you played linebacker at 250 pounds.
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>> 247, yeah. >> that is smaller than cam newton now. how would you deal with a guy that size? >> wrap up, hang on and wait for the calvary to come. >> and hope they arrive quickly. >> later on, we'll talk with steve young and ask the eternal question, can chip kelly fix collin kaepernick? >> thank you, larry. >> before you take a bite out of food at the super bowl you might want to know what health inspectors say they previously found at levis stadium. >> they're the same violations inspectors say they often see at other restaurants. levis stadiums is a foodie's heaven. >> we have asian foods we have indian food, mexican, barbecue,
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sausages. >> they're hoping in 2014, journalists were invited to test the finest. >> kind of once ever, look before it comes down. >> abc7 news is taking a look behind that, showing at times it has fallen short. hugh lany is the director of environmental health in santa clara county. there is approximately 60 inspectors to cover 10,000 food facilities including levis stadium. >> from the carts, the meat slicers to heaters and coolers. >> deh provided us with data from july 30, 2014, through december 20, 2015. it showed violations, including a mold like substance inside of the ice machine. >> looking for violations of the
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food code. >> the common violation during this time period is improper hand washing. >> having an employee that doesn't wash their hands and possibly contaminates food is a major violation. >> it can cause food born illness, inspectors say they observed this when stadium employees knew an inspection was underway. >> walking around with our clip boards and taking notes, people know who we are. >> reporter: the second-most common violation? improper food temperatures. lany says it's another major violation that can cause food borne illness. >> from refrigerators to holding when they prepare the food and cooking the food that, the food is kept within certain zones. >> he says both are what inspectors often observe at other food facilities throughout the county. deh says they can correct on
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site during an inspection, otherwise, they're closed until they comply. center plate denied our request to observe an inspection, in a statement, center plate says 100% of service locations hold a green placard rating signifying a safe operation according to health officials. any violations were immediately corrected and no violations are outstanding after tonight. and as fans fill the seats, count on inscombroeshths to do their jobs as well, super bowl day. in santa clara, abc7 news. let's talk about the weather. and ama and i can give sandhya a hand. it's cold. >> and windy. >> yes. >> if you can give me the report i'm nice, and cozy and warm in the studio. >> now, we know how you feel when you're up here. >> exactly. >> it's a spectacular view behind you so it's well worth
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it. we'll talk about how the weather is shaping up for super bowl sunday and super bowl city festivities. we have clouds banked up against the coastline. we'll see an increase in the cloud cover, we'll see rain tomorrow afternoon. temperatures right now, mid-40s in coolest spots like fairfield, livermore, napa. here is a beautiful live picture from our camera at pier 15. and yes, san francisco is all decked out. we've been ranking our storms one is light, and five is severe, and the one that is coming in tomorrow, it's a light system. light showers, less than a quarter inch anted into
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afternoon and evening this system. the rain is much needed. at noon time, rain is up around ukiah and cloverdale. around 1:00, the rain starts to shift. by 3:00, around san francisco, and the east bay. 5:00 p.m., yellow indicating moderate rain. 6:00, expect showers to continue. 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night and at 11:00 p.m., showers linger into thursday morning commute at 5:00 a.m. and they taper by 7:00 or 8:00. you'll see cloud cover at 10:00 thursday morning. as far as rain totals we're expecting a few hundredths in san jose to just under two tenths of an inch in santa rosa. most areas will remain in that range. super bowl city is going to be cloudy. low 50s. you'll see a chance of rain and then it starts to get wet for evening hours and cool, so just make sure you have an umbrella and perhaps a jacket with you to keep you warm.
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tomorrow morning, temperatures mid-30s to mid-40s. chilly, cloudy, it's a wet one. we're expecting showers to spread, temperatures will be in the low to upper 50s except lake port, 46 degrees. taking a look at super bowl sunday forecast, when the broncos and panthers battle it out, warm, 72 degrees, it's hard to believe. february is one of our wettest winter months but not going to be wet, it's going to be spring like and warm and drop you down to 59 degrees so you want to make sure you have sun screen and know it's not super bowl. accu-weather forecast, one for tomorrow's system, afternoon rain, thursday morning, showers and a dry forecast heading towards the weekend. 70s showing up above normal for this time of the year. >> okay. sandhya thank you so much. >> bart trains can do something remarkable during an earthquake, they're designed to break before shaking starts.
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>> next, why that technology got a lot of attention
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watching tvs get sharper, oh remotes, you've had it tough. bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. x1 customers get your voice remote by visiting president obama signed an executive order to better protect americans against earthquakes. >> white house officials held a summit with experts in order to fast track an early warning
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system. >> abc7 news anchor kristin zee is here with more. >> imagine, if you had a few seconds heads up shaking was about to be in your neighborhood. a few testers have been using an early warning >> this is the shake alert warning system in menlo park and uc berkeley. sensors detect shake waves, they send data to alert centers which kcal cue late when that will send a warning to your computer or device. >> so the worst case earthquake in the san francisco bay area is a magnitude 8 on the san andreas fault that ruptures towards the bay area, you get this punch because the earthquake comes towards you.
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in that scenario, the bay area can get a minute and a half worth of warning. >> the white house is enabling tech agencies to take action on the early warnings and committed to the system but no time line on the public roll out. >> stay with us. the rules for evictions could change for people involved in education. the city is considering a first of its kind law giving those people priority for protection. plus... >> steve? >> nice to me you. >> nice to see you. >> former 49er jerry rice goes under cover as a lyft driver. you'll watch as passengers figure out who he is. >> we go through every ticket. >> 7 on your side's michael finney gets help to learn how
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to have a world class education system you need to have educators living in the
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city. protecting educators from eviction is the goal of a new law proposed in san francisco. and if it is approved, it would be the only one of its kind in the country. >> abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler talked to supporters. >> allison says she's been anxious and depressed since being forced out of her apartment in december. the stress is impacting her job as a pe teacher at this san francisco elementary school. today, she joined others on the steps of city hall to support a measure banning no fault evictions during the academic year for those who work for any school in the city, from custodians to principals, there asimilar law protecting families with children when owners want to move in. and this new legislation sponsored by david campos would expand those rights and focus on educators. >> to have a world class education system you need to have educators living in the
6:31 pm
city. >> he says the average teacher earns less than $3400 a month, while the median price for a one bedroom apartment is over $3600. one property owner's group wants this legislation tightened. >> we have to make sure the language is such that it doesn't open the door for a lot of other people to fall into this schoolteacher category that may really not need this assistance. >> and she believes the measure to be a disincentive for land lords to rent to teachers. san francisco has undergone intense preparations as the host city for super bowl 50. i-team reporter dan noyes is in the studio with a look at the questions surrounding the treatment of the homeless during this time. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee says he's not trying to hide the homeless during the super bowl, but the i-team was
6:32 pm
there on early morning sweeps, we saw police and crews appear to move the homeless out of sight. and give them tickets they have no way of paying. homeless advocates say that is creating a bigger homeless problem than ever. >> they're on a housing wait list, they lose their place. the wait list is closed. you can't get back on the. >> the pressure it's putting on the hem hes, tonight. >> thank you, dan. >> when the nfl teamed up with the special olympics for a big announcement about the games. >> abc7 news was at valley christian high school when special olympics revealed flag football will be it's 2th sport beginning in the fall. >> to celebrate, the super bowl 50 special olympics athletes took part in a skills drill clinic. >> this is a dream, my favorite team is the niners and it's a
6:33 pm
true honor. >> the san francisco 49ers foundation and special olympics northern california hosted the event along with the support of the nfl and our sister station, espn. >> uber made a deal to become the exclusive ride service for the super bowl but rivals are getting into the spirit of the game. jerry rice went under cover for a day as a driver for lyft. >> what is your team? it's been the niners. born and raised in san jose. big niner guy. >> okay. okay. >> how about you? >> i'm not into sports, man. >> i'm jerry rice. >> he does reveal his identity to his passengers. look how fun that is. joe montana teamed up with uber and tweeted let the countdown begin. if one hour, you can request a flag football game with me
6:34 pm
through uber. lucky passengers got to play with joe montana and trent dilfer. just down load our abc7 news app for alerts and just be sure to enable push alerts to get instant updates. >> i love jerry rice telling him i'm not really into sports. >> san ramone police have found a missing boy who has autism, very good news, the 8-year-old was just, has just been found safe in pleasanton. no doubt huge relief to his family. he seems to be okay. >> new at 6:00, tough times for chipotle. the food chain released it's earnings report, net income down 44% and sales decreased 15%. the company warned that sales have fallen following that e coli outbreak. health officials say that appears now to be over.
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hillary clinton sweeps out a victory in iowa caucuses when party representatives say was the closest race in history. and the iowa democratic party says it would not do a recount. clinton's victory says she will collect 23 delegates and sanders, 21. coming up, the cheapest super bowl tickets available cost several thousand dollars. >> that makes counterfeit tickets a more profitable con. next, how to avoid becoming a victim. plus... >> watching the quarterback with that in his eyes. >> here joe montana weigh in on how technology can be a
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panccoffee and oj, baand a killer price. that's a win, win, win, win, win. denny's grand slam slugger, part of the 2, 4, 6, 8 value menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our
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gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. we have breaking news involving a player from one of the super bowl teams, ryan murphy on the practice squad for the broncos was detained by santa clara county deputies at 5:00 this afternoon during a prostitution sting. he is from oakland. the sheriff says it happened in a motel and they're not saying
6:39 pm
which one at this point. investigators let him go and determined he had not solicited a prostitute. >> and take a look at san francisco, it's lit up in gold in honor of super bowl 50. and all of the festivities it brings with it. >> it's fun and it's a celebration for the bay area in many ways. >> and if the past is a goal at all, super bowl tickets will be on sale in the bay area. >> and you know, always checking on our best interests and making sure we're safe from the counter fits out there, michael finney, he's been keeping a close eye on this and trying to make sure that we're good and don't waste our money on counterfeit tickets. >> super bowl tickets are probably around $3500 and with that money on the line, bad guys
6:40 pm
will be out there selling fakes. super bowl city is filled with happy people. the super bowl, all sports playoffs, really, bring on a euphoria that is a prime target for cons. >> i bought a fake ticket on craig's list. they looked real, they looked real to me. >> $1600, down the drain. they fell for one of the oldest tricks, good looking fake tickets bought from a person. his advice? >> go to stub hub or not like from craig's list, a third party. >> that brings me to san francisco headquarters and into a conversation with cameron papp. >> the sellers here have to go through a vigorous process. a lot of sellers are sellers we have a history with. >> here, tickets are guaranteed
6:41 pm
to be real. you get into the game. >> as far as duplicate tickets on stub hub, it doesn't happen. we hand inspect every ticket. >> stub hub insists buyers pick up tickets saturday or sunday next to the stadium. >> every ticket is a hard ticket. they're very sophisticated with hollow grams, bar codes, seals. special codes. so just to make it extremely hard to duplicate. so there is no electronic tickets, either. >> these are from last year, and i haven't got my hands on any real tickets from 2016 yet but high security will remain, it's somewhat changed to throw counterfeiters off the game. be conservative, buy only from trusted and known sources. to see my reports online go to
6:42 pm and select 7 on your side. >> appreciate it. great information. >> plus, a celebration for super bowl 50, we're getting a chance to think ahead. >> what might super bowl 75 look like? >> next at 6:00, see h watching tvs get sharper, oh remotes, you've had it tough. bigger, smugger.
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football changed in the last 50 years and it's a good bet it will change more in the next 50. >> microsoft talks about tech in the nfl. >> looking to throw and he throws into the end zone. touchdown. >> reporter: a lot has happened since joe montana through to dwight clark. now a venture capitolist. >> we're seeing different technology and some of it is crazy. >> nfl players have begun wearing radio trackers during games. >> you can track a player's movements, when he's on the field, how high he jumps, how fast he goes. >> officials on head sets,
6:46 pm
coaches on tablets to plan workouts. >> i'm going to look at your reps today because you've been hitting it hard. >> for changes soon to happen on the field and side lines perhaps the biggest impact will be on the fan experience, both at home and at the stadium. >> there is a technology we have called microsoft hollow lens. >> i want to do a replace of that play. you know? and take it down to the table. >> usually the high tech glasses are miniature, these are life size. >> you get perspective when one of the guys is standing next to you and it's calvin johnson and you go, oh, my gosh. >> imagine seeing the view from the corner back's helmet. >> watching how a quarterback uses his head and eyes to move players around or what he's looking for, i think it would be great because there is just no experience like it. >> bay area companies are inching closer, crowd optic experiments with cameras on pro basketball players and striver
6:47 pm
as a training tool. for joe montana it's the holy grail. >> if you can give the fan an experience of being on the field on a sunday afternoon, they all would want to play the game. that is absolutely fascinating and will change everything. >> absolutely. the weather will be hopefully changing for the super bowl. i like that 70 and warm, now, sandhya. >> i'm gooding to work on it. i can deliver it now, i'll deliver for super bowl. lake tahoe camera, i want to show you this time high pressures. this is from this afternoon, you can see the snow showers coming through the tahoe area, they've got scattered light snow showers. the next system coming in will produce more light snow showers tomorrow. if you're traveling there, 36 degrees, what la, 65 and plenty of sunshine. eureka will be getting wet, as
6:48 pm
will we. temperatures tomorrow in low to upper 50s and you'll notice the week ahead does feature change just in time for super bowl sunday. 59 tomorrow in san jose. average high, 61. temperatures climb into low 70s by sunday, mid-70s monday, tuesday, we may be looking at records. accu-weather forecast on our storm impact scale, tomorrow's system is a a one, showers into thursday morning and we dry it out. ama, i hope you'll be happy. >> thank you very much. >> let's get back to larry beil, joining us live with our sports from pier 39. >> warmer would make me happy, too. we're live at pier 39. we're going to hear from two bay area natives trying to bring home a lombardi trophy. both made big plays in berkeley but
6:49 pm
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how do you doing, everybody, espn was broadcasting here
6:52 pm
earlier today and i had a chance to catch up with steve young, asking how he thinks collin kaepernick and chip cell kwee will work out. there is so much talent on super bowl times, local talent trying to make home coming a special one. we had a chance to catch up with tj anderson this afternoon, shu? >> that is right. he played in the super bowl but did not get a win. so, he's excited and proud to be back in the bay area, trying to win his first championship. >> so good. you know? feels good to be a world champion. we have a chance to prove it. >> here, what it does it mean to play here? >> it seems like all i want to
6:53 pm
do is at home and i'm glad to be home. >> we know what we can do and so we know about the talents from us. >> going to have to be able to run the ball in the super bowl right? >> we have to be patient and we'll make it happen. >> a week before, getting tickets for family. has that been a nightmare for you? >> not at all. that is what it is. >> is it one on one for the gipper kind of thing? >> it's all about us. focus on us. you know? that is the move. >> from one cal fire to one
6:54 pm
got away. it's unfortunately coming out of grant high. he committed to cal and decided to go to washington. right? so he goes to >> the fumble just landed in my hand. it's like all right. time to go. >> it's just a tremendous play on this. something i'll remember. >> the older brother was a standout quarterback for cal, drafted by denver in 2010. just a year later, the injury would shorten his career. >> the incident ta happened, i ne he was trying to get back but just tragedy happened to him. he just couldn't get through it.
6:55 pm
and this is something i'm doing now. >> the panthers rookie linebacker will try to fulfill not only his dreams but that of his big bro. >> he has friends still, and he has room for us. >> so sunday will be sid kwan's birthday. what a celebration. >> it will be unbelievable. >> that is it from >> is it as cold as we are. >> i can't wait for sunday, but we press on, okay? we laugh at pain. today, i talked with former 49ers super bowl winning super bowl steve young about collin kaepernick and whether he can succeed and young said, do you know what?
6:56 pm
mostly that depends on kaep. >> can chip kelly and his offense resuscitate the career of collin kaepernick? >> in. he has to be able to withstand the vigor that is replacing his place on the team. it's hard for him to get detailed work and boring studying that you have to do to be great. he has the talent but soft skills are what he needs to work on. so being there doesn't hurt. kaep has to do the work to find it. >> coming up, on abc7 news at 9:00 on coffee tv 20, i've got a score to settle with steve young that goes back 21 years to the super bowl. we'll get to that at 9:00. for now, that is a wrap from pier 39. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> we'll see you at 9:00 and
6:57 pm
11:00. >> bye for now.
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this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. here are today's contestants -- a sophomore at northeastern university from woodside, california... a senior at louisiana state university f rom boise, idaho... and a senior at wright state university from dayton, ohio... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome, everyone, to the competition that is designed to help college students earn a little extra money to deal with, oh, student loans and other expenses before they go off into our world and try to earn a living wage. kate, kevin, and emily, good to have you with us today. pick up those signaling devices,
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